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When ASD makes you wonder if your child will ever succeed, Attentive ABA offers the support you’re looking for.

Take the first step towards success with us.

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North Carolina

Our Promise

See why families
are glad we’re on board.

“I finally feel heard.”

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution in ABA therapy. Your goals become our goals while working with your child.

“I know the team cares.”

Every step we take is backed by understanding. We get into your child’s shoes and intervene from there.

“I get real service.”

You want a prompt response when you reach out for support. We want that for you too, and deliver superior client care.

Parent feedback

Hear what success sounds like.

“I can finally take Jared along to the supermarket, knowing that he’ll behave appropriately and not disturb other shoppers. We can finally enjoy great outings together.”

“Emma’s gotten really good at getting ready for school. She’s been preparing her clothing before going to bed each night and getting dressed without help. Our morning routine is such a pleasure.”

“Over the last few months of working with his therapist, Kyle’s been much better behaved at the dinner table. He uses his utensils and asks clearly when he wants something to be passed. Mealtime is finally not a stressful experience.”

    Our Goals

    Support that results in
    skills that last a lifetime.

    Personal Care


    Self- Regulation

    Following Directions

    Daily Routines

    Safety Skills

    Time Management

    Self- Advocacy